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Tokyo [東京] - Part 9 - Meiji Jingu + Yoyogi Park

Hello and Merry Christmas ★
Just a quick update about Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park. I'm really not satisfied how the pictures turned out I took that day but I don't want to keep them back from you. 
I hope you still like them a tiny little bit. I think it's amazing to find such a peacefull in quiet place in one of the biggest cities on earth. 

One german guy was wishing for an electric shaver ... 

A Wedding ! The bride was really very pretty ! 


Next post will be about the Imperial Palace Area ★


Frohe Weihnachten ♥

★Merry Christmas to all of you ★

I hope you're all able to spent christmas with your beloved ones and already received  some precious gifts ♥  hihihi
I'm waiting for my mother who is now preparing the best lunch of the year ! 

Annie ♥

Tokyo [東京] - Part 8 - Odaiba

Good Evening ★
As promised another update ! I think there are just ... 2 updates left about Tokyo and then I can  continue with my trip to Beijing and to Northern Italy. So much to update and so little time aiya ... But first of all - Odaiba ! I wanted to go to Odaiba because of the giant Gundam, the Fuji TV Headquarters and the Rainbow Bridge ... So many Animu Feels ♥ Hahaha 
(I'm sorry this Post is very picture-heavy

Rainbow Bridge 

Fuji TV 

We also visited this Onsen. It was pretty nice ~ hihi 

Gundam ! 

Inside of Fuji TV . The entrance fee was ~ 5€

 Gundam at Night ★

鹿目 まどか - Nendoroid

Good Morning Everyone ★
Aiya .... thats not the story how Annie turned full retard but how I turned full geek/nerd whatever you'd like to call this : 

But look at her ~ isn't she adorable ? 

I don't want to start collecting them but ... I saw this one and I had to buy it. OTL ...

... it's lot of fun taking pictures of little Madoka ♥

I hope I'll be able to post another update today ~ Annie ♥

Animal Crossing ♥ #3 POTATO [City-Life]

Happy Sunday to all of you ★
Aiya ! So much time has passed and I didn't felt to Blog. Actually I should have been busy studying ...  AS IF ! hahahaha  After finishing the PKMN League I felt like going back to Potato Town to fullfill my duties as the Mayor. 

I got the police station and the museumshop ! 

Mira moved into my town. She is so lovely ! Her character is "utchi". I've read in the ACNL wiki that her personality and appereance can be considered as a reference to Sailor Venus. 

Halloween was quite funny ... haha

Last week Heinz/Rudy moved into my town. His house is so cute. His personality is "sporty". I also started to work at the Cafe~

I love December ~ I started to collect the Ice- and the Christmas-Furniture

Bye Bye Annie ♥

No-Vember - Playlist

Hello ★
Another week has past. Time runs by so fast. What did happen in the last few days ?  I spent way too much money on unneccessary stuff and dyed my hair. Actually I wanted a darkbrown colour but it turned out nearly black ... I also went to the optician because I realized that I'm not able to see traffic signs properly while driving at night.... and of course I need to wear glasses from now on. Seems like I'm gettin' old ?! Or did I study too much ?! Or ... did I just spent too much time in front of the computer ??? Luckily I found very stylish glasses ~ hehe I ordered them today and I can get them in around 10days. I'm somewhat excited ! 
Well~ today I want to share some Music. It's been a long time since I shared anything music related. Uhm~ it's november so don't expect lots of happy tracks haha
CHVRCHES - Lies (Tourist Remix)

Katy B - Aaliyah (Wildcard Version)

CHVRCHES - Gun (Jamie Isaac Remix)

Cat Power feat. Angel Haze - Manhattan (Ryan Hemswo…

Tokyo [東京] - Part 7 - Tokyo Tower

Hello ★
It's November and I'm still posting about my trip to Japan. Epic Fail... but I really want to keep my promise to post more in detail about my trip to Japan ! Well this post is about the Tokyo Tower... It's a magical place isn't it ? 

I'm sorry for the blurry pictures but the light was quite bad and yaaah... I'm too stupid to handle my camera *le sigh

Skytree in the Background

Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba on the right. (you can see the ferris wheel  ★ )

Roppongi and Shinjuku.

Deck 1 from the inside.

 This is way I love Japan. ♥Why is there no cute Mechandise about the Fernsehturm in Berlin ???

See you next Time in Odaiba ! 
Annie ★