Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tokyo [東京] - Part 9 - Meiji Jingu + Yoyogi Park

Hello and Merry Christmas 

Just a quick update about Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park. I'm really not satisfied how the pictures turned out I took that day but I don't want to keep them back from you. 

I hope you still like them a tiny little bit.
I think it's amazing to find such a peacefull in quiet place in one of the biggest cities on earth. 

One german guy was wishing for an electric shaver ... 

A Wedding ! The bride was really very pretty ! 


Next post will be about the Imperial Palace Area 


Frohe Weihnachten ♥

 Merry Christmas to all of you  

I hope you're all able to spent christmas with your beloved ones and already received 
some precious gifts ♥  hihihi

I'm waiting for my mother who is now preparing the best lunch of the year ! 


Monday, December 23, 2013

Tokyo [東京] - Part 8 - Odaiba

Good Evening 

As promised another update ! I think there are just ... 2 updates left about Tokyo and then I can  continue with my trip to Beijing and to Northern Italy. So much to update and so little time aiya ... But first of all - Odaiba ! I wanted to go to Odaiba because of the giant Gundam, the Fuji TV Headquarters and the Rainbow Bridge ... So many Animu Feels  Hahaha 

(I'm sorry this Post is very picture-heavy

Rainbow Bridge 

Fuji TV 

We also visited this Onsen. It was pretty nice ~ hihi 

Gundam ! 

Inside of Fuji TV . The entrance fee was ~ 5€

 Gundam at Night 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures ! 

See you next time ! 

鹿目 まどか - Nendoroid

Good Morning Everyone 

Aiya .... thats not the story how Annie turned full retard but how I turned full geek/nerd whatever you'd like to call this : 

But look at her ~ isn't she adorable ? 

I don't want to start collecting them but ... I saw this one and I had to buy it. OTL ...

... it's lot of fun taking pictures of little Madoka 

I hope I'll be able to post another update today ~

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Animal Crossing ♥ #3 POTATO [City-Life]

Happy Sunday to all of you 

Aiya ! So much time has passed and I didn't felt to Blog. Actually I should have been busy studying ... 
AS IF ! hahahaha 
After finishing the PKMN League I felt like going back to Potato Town to fullfill my duties as the Mayor. 

I got the police station and the museumshop ! 

Mira moved into my town. She is so lovely ! Her character is "utchi". I've read in the ACNL wiki that her personality and appereance can be considered as a reference to Sailor Venus. 

Halloween was quite funny ... haha

Last week Heinz/Rudy moved into my town. His house is so cute. His personality is "sporty".
I also started to work at the Cafe~

I love December ~ I started to collect the Ice- and the Christmas-Furniture

Bye Bye Annie 

Monday, November 18, 2013

No-Vember - Playlist


Another week has past. Time runs by so fast. What did happen in the last few days ? 
I spent way too much money on unneccessary stuff and dyed my hair. Actually I wanted a darkbrown colour but it turned out nearly black ... I also went to the optician because I realized that I'm not able to see traffic signs properly while driving at night.... and of course I need to wear glasses from now on. Seems like I'm gettin' old ?! Or did I study too much ?! Or ... did I just spent too much time in front of the computer ??? Luckily I found very stylish glasses ~ hehe I ordered them today and I can get them in around 10days. I'm somewhat excited ! 

Well~ today I want to share some Music. It's been a long time since I shared anything music related. Uhm~ it's november so don't expect lots of happy tracks haha

CHVRCHES - Lies (Tourist Remix)

Katy B - Aaliyah (Wildcard Version)

CHVRCHES - Gun (Jamie Isaac Remix)

Cat Power feat. Angel Haze - Manhattan (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

Azealia Banks - Luxury by Machindrum

Zola Jesus - Ixode

At the End I want to Add this song :

The Gazette - Taion

Nearly 25 years has passed since the cruel murder on Junko Furata.
It disturbs me to know how cruel humans can be towards each other. Her cruel fate made me cry and doubting humanity. I thought a lot about her , how she must have felt, how strong she was and how we can prevent those kind of crimes but also ... if this kind of aggression rests in more human beings ... esspecially in man. It makes me feel very uneasy ... Look at India ... and what happened to that young student a year ago.

I hope they are both somewhere on a better place right now.

Rest in Piece.
November 22, 1972 – January 4, 1989

Monday, November 11, 2013

Tokyo [東京] - Part 7 - Tokyo Tower


It's November and I'm still posting about my trip to Japan. Epic Fail... but I really want to keep my promise to post more in detail about my trip to Japan !
Well this post is about the Tokyo Tower... It's a magical place isn't it ? 

I'm sorry for the blurry pictures but the light was quite bad and yaaah... I'm too stupid to handle my camera *le sigh

Skytree in the Background

Rainbow Bridge and Odaiba on the right. (you can see the ferris wheel  ★ )

Roppongi and Shinjuku.

Deck 1 from the inside.

 This is way I love Japan.  Why is there no cute Mechandise about the Fernsehturm in Berlin ???

See you next Time in Odaiba !