Thursday, January 31, 2013

M50 - Künstlerviertel

Good Evening ! 

Today I want to show you some pictures I took in the middle of November. We decided to finally visit M50. A place were you can have a look at Shanghais local artists and their work. It's for free and it's just 5 minutes to go from our home so we gave it a try. 

I don't want to write a lot - just have a look : 

I really loved these : 
(haha it's so me I like of course I like the advertising more than the real work of the artists) 

On our way home we saw lots of Graffiti, which we really liked. Graffiti is a rare thing in China. 
I think nobody dares to tag public buildings haha. 


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Klassenfahrt - Day 3

Good Evening !

Here comes the last part of my classtrip. On our last day we vistited an ancient town which is located in Suzhou. It's name is : Tongli. It really was a very pretty place and I would like to go there again with more time and better weather of course ! ♪ 

As you can se on the map above it's really not far away from shanghai : ) 

Thats our view from our Hotel in Zhenjiang in the morning of Day 3. After another nice breakfast we took a 2-3 hours busride to Tongli. 

In Tongli our teachers just offered us 2 hours to walk around. Really too short to see everything ... 

The town had lots of small streets and shops 

I really liked these kind of shops. I didn't buy anything, but I loved the stuff they sell. I really want to buy postcards with these beautiful women of the twenties on them. 

 There was also a place were you could buy and also write postcards. The postcards have to be adressed at yourself. After one year they would send the cards to you home. Some kind of Capsule Post ???
They really offered lots of pretty cards and I bought a few of them 

The town has lots of rivers. You can also travel around the town by boat. 

Ai ! Who's that ? Haha

These guys didn't move and we wondered if they were real or not haha. 
BUT of course they are real. 

There was also some kind of a town in a town. 
Ah... I would like to have cosplay shooting in this place ... 

Hello ! 

It really was pretty and kinda hard to take nice pictures of the place. 
I really could have spent more time there but when it was already too late and we had to go back to our bus. 
I really enjoyed our trip, although it was very exhausting. 

This is a picture of the postcards I've bought : 


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Klassenfahrt - Day 2

Hello Readers ! 

And here is the 2nd Day of our Classtrip. The day started with a wonderful and super delicious western breakfast.  I was so happy, I nearly cried ... Really - having western breakfast after 3 months felt wonderful ! I really think, that the best bread on earth is german bread... normally I won't say such a thing ... but it's so true ! 

After breakfast we drove to our 2nd destination called : Zhenjiang. In Zhenjiand we visited a pagoda on a hill near Yangtze River.

As you can see ... the weather was ... awesome ... not. 

Everybody was a bit disappointed ... oh .. there is a pagoda on a hill ? Where ? 

We tried to make the best out of it and took some funny pictures at the buttom of the hill. 

HaHa - Aye Aye Sir ! 

I kinda liked how the architecture looked like in the fog ... (or could it be smog ? or at least a mixture of both ? I'm really not quite sure )

Ancient Princess ... haha

I'm invisible ! 

After an hour or two walking through the temple and the gardens we decided to climb the mountain and to have a closer look at the pagoda. 

I was surprised how pretty it actually was. From the botton it didn't look so colourfull ! 

The view wasn't that great - but it most be amazing on sunny days ! 

Classmates ~ 


Before we arrived at our Hotel in Zhenjiang our teachers told us, that the Hotel won't be as good as the one we had before ... well ... haha ... the only difference we were able to find is the fact that the rooms in this Hotel have no electric kettle ... okay. 

Meiling and Me  

The lobby and the rooms were nearly identical ! 

In the evening we all ate Hot Pot together ! It was really delicious ! 

See you nex time ! 


Klassenfahrt - Day 1

Good Evening

This Post will be VERY picture heavy haha. At first I wanted to post the whole trip in one Entry, but there were SO many pictures, that I decided to split the classtrip into three seperate posts. On our trip we visited three different cities and stayed at two different Hotels. The price was 280元 - really very cheap, I think.

On our first day we went to Taizhou. 

 On the Bus. The Bridge you can see on the right crosses Jangtze River ~ 

In Taizhou we visited a National Wetland Park. Well, it wasn't THAT beautiful I think. Maybe it would have been prettier if we had gone there in springtime, but at least we all enjoyed the nature and the good air. After three months in one of the biggest cities on Earth I really needed that experience.

Every now and than we had to stop and to take a rest. We always used the time to take som pictures ♥
It really was a nice time and we laughed a lot ! 

Why am I laughing on this picture ? Haha the answer is, I wanted a thoughtfull photo of me in front of this scenery so I ran a few metres ahead of our huge group (you can see a small part of it on the next picture) but my friend wasn't sure how to handle my cam so the others were already right behind her and waited for her to take a picture ... SOOO many people were suddenly looking at me. Haha it felt very awkward... 

I really liked these bridges ! Lots of the students made fun and jumped on them like crazy haha

The park also had a dew animals (besides insects, birds and so on) This animal is some kind of elk (???)

The park also included a big playground. It was SO funny haha ! We spent a very long time there just with playing around. I felt like being 6 years old. 

At the end we had to hurry up, because the sunset came too quickly. 

pics taken with instagram ~ ~ ~ 

At the end of day we had dinner in a nice restaurant 

- and NOW ...
have look at our amazing Hotel ! I felt like a princess ! Q 0 Q ~ 

The lobby was sooo pretty ! When we first entered the hotel we couldn't believe our eyes !

Our room ... the thing that I appreciated the most, was the fact that we had a heater ... 

The TV offered some nice western channels as well. 

Prinzessin Anne-Marie ♪ haha

We also tried the sauna and the pool ~ hehe

I hope I'll be very rich when I'm older ... so rich that I could always stay in Hotels like this ! 

See you nex time !