Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Klassenfahrt - Day 2

Hello Readers ! 

And here is the 2nd Day of our Classtrip. The day started with a wonderful and super delicious western breakfast.  I was so happy, I nearly cried ... Really - having western breakfast after 3 months felt wonderful ! I really think, that the best bread on earth is german bread... normally I won't say such a thing ... but it's so true ! 

After breakfast we drove to our 2nd destination called : Zhenjiang. In Zhenjiand we visited a pagoda on a hill near Yangtze River.

As you can see ... the weather was ... awesome ... not. 

Everybody was a bit disappointed ... oh .. there is a pagoda on a hill ? Where ? 

We tried to make the best out of it and took some funny pictures at the buttom of the hill. 

HaHa - Aye Aye Sir ! 

I kinda liked how the architecture looked like in the fog ... (or could it be smog ? or at least a mixture of both ? I'm really not quite sure )

Ancient Princess ... haha

I'm invisible ! 

After an hour or two walking through the temple and the gardens we decided to climb the mountain and to have a closer look at the pagoda. 

I was surprised how pretty it actually was. From the botton it didn't look so colourfull ! 

The view wasn't that great - but it most be amazing on sunny days ! 

Classmates ~ 


Before we arrived at our Hotel in Zhenjiang our teachers told us, that the Hotel won't be as good as the one we had before ... well ... haha ... the only difference we were able to find is the fact that the rooms in this Hotel have no electric kettle ... okay. 

Meiling and Me  

The lobby and the rooms were nearly identical ! 

In the evening we all ate Hot Pot together ! It was really delicious ! 

See you nex time ! 


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