Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Klassenfahrt - Day 3

Good Evening !

Here comes the last part of my classtrip. On our last day we vistited an ancient town which is located in Suzhou. It's name is : Tongli. It really was a very pretty place and I would like to go there again with more time and better weather of course ! ♪ 

As you can se on the map above it's really not far away from shanghai : ) 

Thats our view from our Hotel in Zhenjiang in the morning of Day 3. After another nice breakfast we took a 2-3 hours busride to Tongli. 

In Tongli our teachers just offered us 2 hours to walk around. Really too short to see everything ... 

The town had lots of small streets and shops 

I really liked these kind of shops. I didn't buy anything, but I loved the stuff they sell. I really want to buy postcards with these beautiful women of the twenties on them. 

 There was also a place were you could buy and also write postcards. The postcards have to be adressed at yourself. After one year they would send the cards to you home. Some kind of Capsule Post ???
They really offered lots of pretty cards and I bought a few of them 

The town has lots of rivers. You can also travel around the town by boat. 

Ai ! Who's that ? Haha

These guys didn't move and we wondered if they were real or not haha. 
BUT of course they are real. 

There was also some kind of a town in a town. 
Ah... I would like to have cosplay shooting in this place ... 

Hello ! 

It really was pretty and kinda hard to take nice pictures of the place. 
I really could have spent more time there but when it was already too late and we had to go back to our bus. 
I really enjoyed our trip, although it was very exhausting. 

This is a picture of the postcards I've bought : 


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