Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Precious Past ☆彡

Hello Readers

Today I decided to write about something kinda embarassing ? Haha - well it's my absolute stylish PAST ! Starting in mid 2007 till early 2010 I was somewhat into Japanese Streetstyle. I even dressed similar for school ! Funny isn't it ? I was embarassed about this for a long time now, but I have to admit, that eventhough I looked really terrible some times - I really miss those times. (.___. ;) 
It was a way of expressing myself back than. I didn't stop wearing this kind of style because I didn't like it anymore, I made that decision because I was just not able to put so much effort in both - Style AND Cosplay and so I decided for Cosplay instead of having a unique and outstanding style. I wanted to be good at both of them but I knew that wouldn't be possible with the small budget of a freshly graduated highschool student. So I just quit ... hm... I don't want to start wearing this kind of style again, but maybe start with something new ? Well, of course not THAT outstanding, but I recently changed the way I dress a little bit and I want to improve that. I always had fun dressing up - sometimes it looked great and sometimes just odd, but who cares ? I had a nice time and I want to go back to that feeling. It's not that I want to change completly, but that boring office style, that is just not me ... *sigh 

So, have fun with this great collection of mine ... haha  


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  1. I'd like to go back~~~

    Es macht mich irgendwie wehmütig, dass es nie wieder so sein wird wie damals.. Auch wenn man sich den gleichen Kram wieder anziehen würde, es passt nicht mehr und wird nie wieder so sein.

    Man ist wahrscheinlich so erwachsen geworden. Manchmal denke ich - ist das gut, oder schlecht? Und der eigene Stil entwickelt sich zwar immer weiter.. Aber meistens geht er nie zurück. Ach ja.

    Einfach mal zum Hauptbahnhof gehen und dann im Bürgerpark gammeln~ haha