Monday, July 29, 2013

30.07.2013 - Zwischenbericht

Hallo, ihr Lieben ! ☆彡

I safely returned from my Trip to Japan. It was truly an amazing adventure I had there and I'm so happy that I was able to go there again. I think Japan will always be a precious place for me. I don't know - on one hand it feels like being home and on the hand it's so different. I often call Japan "Germanys Parallel-Universe". After staying one year in China I felt relived in Japan. Everythings so clean and everyone is just so polite - it's amazing that a place so different lies just 3 hours from Shanghai by plane.
I returned to Shanghai on late July 22nd. On July 23rd I travelled to Beijing and saw my parents again. We are now spendinga nice holliday here in Beijing. The air is just slighlty polluted and you are able to see the blue sky. Tomorrow we will visit the Summer Palace. hihi. So thats it for now. I'll return to Shanghai on Saturday. I'll be here in China just for another 8 days ... this is a very strange feeling. Actually I don't want to stay but I also don't really want to go back. Of course I miss my home and my old life in Germany was great - but everythings so surreal by now. It's a very abstract feeling which I cannot describe. Maybe people who went abroad know this kind of feeling ... but I don't want to bother you with this. I'll spam you with updates about my trips to Japan and Beijing as soon as possible ♥ 


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