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Animal Crossing ♥ #2 POTATO [City-Life]

Whats going on in [Potato] ?

I love Timo. If my cat was a villager in Animal Crossing he would definetly be likeTimo ★

I don't have much time to play so no big changes in my home ... but I'll play more on my vacation this week hehe

One of the people I met at Connchi has a server-room ~ seems like he is a scientist Ö ^ Ö ) ~ pretty cool, I think. 
Annie ♥

Tokyo [東京] - Part 4 - Shinjuku

Good Afternoon ☆彡
Here comes the next post about our afternoon in Shinjuku~ ٩(˙▿˙)۶ I really liked Shinjuku, but maybe it would have been nicer if I would have been a fourty something business man ... haha. So much KTV, so many beautiful girls, pubs and restaurants. We decided to go for the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building. Maybe some of you know it from the Manga X-1999 by Clamp (or Digimon Tamers) ★ ? I really like this one~ every tower has an observation deck which is for FREE ! They are located at a hight of 202m which is higher than the observation decks on Tokyo Tower. The view was really very nice. Sadly we had no luck with the weather... (like last time... maybe one day I'll be able to see Fuji-San... haha ( ಠ_ಠ) )

This is what the Observation Deck looks like ~ you can buy lots of stuff there ~ like merchandise from Ghibli, Neon Genesins Evangelion, Godzilla, Hello Kitty etc. ❤

After that we just walked through the streets. We had no specific destination.

The T-REX …

Tokyo [東京] - Part 3 - Shibuya

Hello Again ☆彡
Third post about my trip to Japan ... and yes ... I'm posting in English. My English is so bad at the moment that I really have to do something about it.... so using it might be the best practice. Recently I realized that I've never travelled to an English speaking country and therefor the opportunities to speak with people who have english as their mother tongue were very little ... ; A ; ) ~  I'll be a Manager very soon so I really need to study hard - BUT thats not the point.  Today I want to talk about my 2nd day in Tokyo ~ and  whats the first adress for a young woman ? Shibuya of course ٩(˙▿˙)۶  ! I just went there to get some money at the City Bank ATM and to do some window shopping. 

Back in 2010 I was crazy about the Shibuya 109 but this year I couldn't find anything there. I just bought some Make Up at 8th floor. ★ After that I just had a walk through the streets till I had to pick up my fellow student from Asakusa ~ It was a Wednesday Morning…

OOTD - August | September

Good Evening ☆彡
Some OOTDs from the past month ~

Hat : H&M | Scarf : Primark | Jacket : Taobao | Dress : H&M | Tights : Taobao Shoes : H&M | Bag : Primark

Jacket : H&M | Dress : Somewhere in Harajuku | Shoes : H&M | Necklace : Forever 21

Cardigan : H&M | Dress : H&M | Shoes : Primark

Jacket : Taobao | Jacket : H&M | Scarf : Primark | Dress : Honey's | Shoes : H&M | Bag : Taobao

Blouse : Forever21 | Pullover : H&M | Shorts : Bershka | Shoes : H&M

Shirt : H&M | Skirt : somewhere in Harajuku | Shoes : somewhere in Qipulu | Bag : Swimmer

Jacket : Taobao | Jacket : H&M | T-shirt : somewhere in Harajuku | Skirt : H&M | Tights : H&M
Oh~ and some Music I  like to listen :

I'll post a new Entry about Japan tomorrow and maybe something Cosplay related as well ♥
Annie ♥