Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tokyo [東京] - Part 3 - Shibuya

Hello Again ☆彡

Third post about my trip to Japan ... and yes ... I'm posting in English. My English is so bad at the moment that I really have to do something about it.... so using it might be the best practice. Recently I realized that I've never travelled to an English speaking country and therefor the opportunities to speak with people who have english as their mother tongue were very little ... ; A ; ) ~ 
I'll be a Manager very soon so I really need to study hard - BUT thats not the point. 
Today I want to talk about my 2nd day in Tokyo ~ and  whats the first adress for a young woman ? Shibuya of course ٩(˙▿˙)۶  ! I just went there to get some money at the City Bank ATM and to do some window shopping. 

Back in 2010 I was crazy about the Shibuya 109 but this year I couldn't find anything there. I just bought some Make Up at 8th floor.  After that I just had a walk through the streets till I had to pick up my fellow student from Asakusa ~ It was a Wednesday Morning so the streets were not that crowded. 

I also took some lonely Purikura ... (◞‸◟;)

Yum Yum ~ 

See you next time in Shinjuku 


  1. crepe *_*;;
    and i think i'd have troubles now finding something in shibuya 109 too. all expensive and at the moment i am not that fond on the 'gyaru' brands style, nor the other /cough