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Super Sailor Moon [美少女戦士セーラームーン ]

Hello ★
After a chilly weekend at home I finally finished this piece. It's my first picture since ... I don't know.... forever ?  I'm very happy with the result and hope I'll be able to draw more often in the near future. 
I really missed being creative ... At first it wasn't my intention to draw Sailor Moon, but lately the image of magical girls give me lots of inspiration.

I hope you like it ♥

Annie ★

Tokyo [東京] - Part 6 - Akihabara

Hello ★
This is a rather picture heavy post because there was just too much to see in Akihabara ! Actually I don't like the pictures I took there but hm.... so many feels ~ so much  Free ! Evangelion, Attack on Titan and Madoka ♥ ( ° A ° ) ~ 
I'm pretty busy right now so less text and more pictures : 

When I saw these super cheap Nintendo Games I felt the strong desire to learn japanese... 

30 years of FAMICOM !

Sheryl Nome ~ ★

GO JI RA ! ! ! 



Tokyo [東京] - Part 5 - Tokyo Skytree

Good Evening ★
Finally another post about my trip to Tokyo ! Actually I really should be busy studying but I'm really not in the mood ... currently I'm not satisfied with my Major which makes me pretty sad. I don't know what to do after graduation and all in all everything seems senseless by now. So I wanted to cheer myself up with some precious memories from Tokyo ♥
On our 2nd full day we wanted to climb the Tokyo Skytree.  I love high places and Skycrapers so I really had to go there ! Sadly the weather was not that good again. Haha

The Tower has a height of 634m and is the tallest buliding I've ever been ! Because of the bad weather conditions we just bought a ticket for the lower observation decks at a height of ~350m. 

Directly under the Skytree you could find lots of Merchandise : 

EVA Unit 01 WANTS the Chocolate Crunch ! 

Whats in your Bag Annie ? [2.0]

Hello ★
Another post for today. Do you remeber this post ? : click
Can't believe this is already two years ago ! I think the basics stayed the same but like my cellphone my Nintendo DS got an upgrade as well ;D
I'm still badly in need for a new purse... I bought mine in Florence back in 2009. 

Whats in your bag ? ♥

See You Soon ~ Annie ★

Mimimi ♪ à la mi-octobre

Hello ★
It's me again and uhm... I hope I'll be able to Blog more often in the next days. I changed my design again. I'm in love with polkadots right now. They are everywhere in my room ! Oh~ speaking of my room. I moved back to Bremen 2 weeks ago. I was able to move in my old flat and I'm soooo happy here. I love my flatmates. They are both so kind and well organized. I think I'll spent a nice year here. The last few weeks were kinda busy ~ I travelled to Italy, University started again AND~ the release of Pokemon X / Y . It's such a great game isn't it ? I feel like it's a game which brings all the PKMN Fans in the world closer ... haha sounds stupid I know. 
Yesterday I went to  Hannover to a rather small Convention there. Haha. We had so much fun. I didn't wear any Cosplay, but still a friend of mine took some hardcore hipster pics of me and my dear Nechan ★ I was waering something pastel-grunge-hipster-like haha Actually I liked to dress like tha…