Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mimimi ♪ à la mi-octobre


It's me again and uhm... I hope I'll be able to Blog more often in the next days. I changed my design again. I'm in love with polkadots right now. They are everywhere in my room ! Oh~ speaking of my room. I moved back to Bremen 2 weeks ago. I was able to move in my old flat and I'm soooo happy here. I love my flatmates. They are both so kind and well organized. I think I'll spent a nice year here. The last few weeks were kinda busy ~ I travelled to Italy, University started again AND~ the release of Pokemon X / Y . It's such a great game isn't it ? I feel like it's a game which brings all the PKMN Fans in the world closer ... haha sounds stupid I know. 

Yesterday I went to  Hannover to a rather small Convention there. Haha. We had so much fun. I didn't wear any Cosplay, but still a friend of mine took some hardcore hipster pics of me and my dear Nechan I was waering something pastel-grunge-hipster-like haha Actually I liked to dress like that and maybe I would be able to improve that style but ... when walking through the streets alone wearing this style I felt kinda insecure : / 

In Hannover they have a well-assorted Asia-Shop and I bought a few things. Something I really miss back in germany is green Thai-Curry. So when I saw this one I thought why not give it a try ? 

This is the result. I added some green peppers and carrots by myself. 
In my opinion it's flavour is just okay but not worth the price. It's not even spicy and lacks the typical fresh flavour... haha (how could this even be fresh ?! It's preboiled microwave food lol) I should check out this Thai-Restaurant around the corner ~ 

See You Soon ~ Annie 

I also changed my URL : 
I think this will be it for a very long time. :D

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