Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tokyo [東京] - Part 5 - Tokyo Skytree

Good Evening 

Finally another post about my trip to Tokyo ! Actually I really should be busy studying but I'm really not in the mood ... currently I'm not satisfied with my Major which makes me pretty sad. I don't know what to do after graduation and all in all everything seems senseless by now. So I wanted to cheer myself up with some precious memories from Tokyo 

On our 2nd full day we wanted to climb the Tokyo Skytree. 
I love high places and Skycrapers so I really had to go there ! Sadly the weather was not that good again. Haha

The Tower has a height of 634m and is the tallest buliding I've ever been ! Because of the bad weather conditions we just bought a ticket for the lower observation decks at a height of ~350m. 

Directly under the Skytree you could find lots of Merchandise : 

EVA Unit 01 WANTS the Chocolate Crunch ! 

We all heard about it : Square Watermelon ! 

See you next time in Akihabara 


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