Sunday, December 15, 2013

Animal Crossing ♥ #3 POTATO [City-Life]

Happy Sunday to all of you 

Aiya ! So much time has passed and I didn't felt to Blog. Actually I should have been busy studying ... 
AS IF ! hahahaha 
After finishing the PKMN League I felt like going back to Potato Town to fullfill my duties as the Mayor. 

I got the police station and the museumshop ! 

Mira moved into my town. She is so lovely ! Her character is "utchi". I've read in the ACNL wiki that her personality and appereance can be considered as a reference to Sailor Venus. 

Halloween was quite funny ... haha

Last week Heinz/Rudy moved into my town. His house is so cute. His personality is "sporty".
I also started to work at the Cafe~

I love December ~ I started to collect the Ice- and the Christmas-Furniture

Bye Bye Annie 

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