Monday, December 23, 2013

Tokyo [東京] - Part 8 - Odaiba

Good Evening 

As promised another update ! I think there are just ... 2 updates left about Tokyo and then I can  continue with my trip to Beijing and to Northern Italy. So much to update and so little time aiya ... But first of all - Odaiba ! I wanted to go to Odaiba because of the giant Gundam, the Fuji TV Headquarters and the Rainbow Bridge ... So many Animu Feels  Hahaha 

(I'm sorry this Post is very picture-heavy

Rainbow Bridge 

Fuji TV 

We also visited this Onsen. It was pretty nice ~ hihi 

Gundam ! 

Inside of Fuji TV . The entrance fee was ~ 5€

 Gundam at Night 

I hope you enjoyed the pictures ! 

See you next time ! 

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