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Max Factory - アリテイメトまどか - Figma

Good Evening ♡
I know I know ... I said that I won't buy anymore Figmas, Nendoroids or other stupid stuff ... but ... Orz ... I don't know why I can't stop myself from buying these lovely things. To be honest I wanted this Ultimate Madoka Figma for quite a long time and I'm totally happy with it ♡ hihi
I took a few pictures of it before I put it into my showcase 8'D
Here you go :

I don't really like her soft smiling face so I switched to the more serious one ~

I got a small Godzilla from a friend which I directly used :

Long ago I've seen a similar picture on tumblr which I really liked ! I was so happy to make my own version haha ♡

"Damn you Godzilla stop hurting my friends!" >D

This his where she is right now ♡
Take Care - Annie ~

Mallorca 2014

Hello ♡
I just returned home from my short vacation to spain. Well, it wasn't that of a highlight for me but on a rather cloudy day we had a nice walk trough town were I took quiet a few pictures which I want to share here. All in all the weather could have been better, but I still got sunburned and a tan ! haha 
I didn't expect a lot from this trip because the price was very cheap. So I was very surprised about our hotel which turned out to be pretty nice. The food was very good (the desserts !)  and I liked our swimming pool!  Right now I have to take care of my skin Orz 

The following pictures were taken with a cellphone : )

See you soon  Annie ♥

Room Tour #2

Hello ♡
Does anyone of you remember this post : click ? It was a tour through my room. Now two years later I want to show you exactly the same room but with a slightly different theme ? haha Well, when I came back from my year abroad I had just the biggest luck you can imagine ! I was able to move back in my old flat and I could spent my last semesters with the best roomies you can think of ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Well this time I used my own furniture because the first time I lived there was just on behalf of a student which went abroad as well. She just let me live there for a year and let me also use her things for a while (bed, desk, cupboard) BUT this time I could change the room like I imagined it. It turned out pretty girly I guess haha. But all in all I loved it ! I think it was nothing I could live in with forever but for the time being it was the best and most comfy room I've ever had. Now half a month ago I moved back to my parents home. Only the Bachelor Thesis lies ahead of me and for th…

Asuka Soryu Langley [School Uniform] - Cosplay Progress

Long Time no See ★
I may lack updating my Blog but I never forget about it ! It's just too precious to stop ! hehe So ... since I got a brand new Computer today I felt like blogging again ♡
Today I want to show you a few pictures I took while working on my NGE Cosplay. Actually it wasn't my work only. Me and my Rei we worked together on it. We worked completely without any pattern (as always) so pls. don't judge us haha. We are no professionals ... Orz

We even watched Rebuild of Evangelion while sewing ! haha

This picture is very important for me ... even though I've been a Cosplayer for so many years I never managed to sew a proper collar... that was my first good one. 
Well ... achievement unlocked ★

Finished blouse ! 

... and the dress ! Looks better worn ... haha

I hope you liked these few pictures. Uhm ... I hope we will be able to make a proper shooting until autumn ... I don't want to wear this costume in winter ... Orz ...
Currently I'm thinking about cosplaying…

鹿目 まどか [Maiko] - Nendoroid

Good Evening ♡

I took some pictures of my new Nendoroid. I bought her at last weekends Dokomi. I always liked to buy her but I just found her for 60€+ which is quite expansive I think. Luckily I was able to buy her for a MUCH better price and I don't regret it !
She is so adorable !

 Madoka comes with lots of different items and two facial expressions!  I love her umbrella ♡

 I love that shy smile ♡

 I also took some more pictures of my other Nendoroids which I'll show you in another post.

Annie ♥

Dokomi Cosplay Feels.

I'll write this post in german because it's dedicated to the german community only and it's just easier for me to express myself using german ( ノ´ヮ´ )ノ*:・゚✧

Ihr Lieben ! 
Ich hatte von vorn herein vor so einen Post zu verfassen, hatte aber über die Woche hinweg wegen Uni-Stress den Antrieb dazu verloren. Eben habe ich dann diesen Weblog gelesen und da mein persönliches Empfinden doch ein anderes ist, dachte ich, sollte ich diesen Eintrag doch noch verfassen ♡
Zunächst einmal möchte ich ausdrücklich betonen, dass ich nicht gegen den Verfasser hetzen möchte. Ich kann die Position durchaus verstehen. Ich bin in der Szene seit 2007 aktiv und ich muss zugeben, dass auch mir die Veränderungen aufgefallen sind. Man wird generell weniger nach Schnappschüssen gefragt, der Wettbewerb ist gestiegen und online Feedback bekommt man immer weniger. Das fing bei den Fanarts an und hört jetzt beim Cosplay auf. Man lernt auch einfach weniger Leute auf Conventions kennen und das obwohl die Teil…

March is over ! [ 3 likes 14/03 ]

Hello, my dear Followers ★
March passed so fast this year ... It was a lovely month and I say that eventhough University started again ! Aiya ... But I finally reached my last semester so just a few months left. I really don't like to study anymore ...

1. Cosplay
... March was the month when my love for Cosplay hit me hard again ♥ Sorry not Sorry ~

2. Nendoroid
I guess I finally turned into a real Nerd. Haha But I'm pretty happy one I guess 8'D I really like Nendoroids~  You can combine them and it's so funny. Idk it's actually kind of stupid spending money for this kind of stuff, but it's just a way to express my love for a special fandom ... ( >///< ) ~ ♥

3. Clean Bandit - Rather Be
AND ... I FELT IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG ! Mostly I'm not so into Radio-Hits, but this one is so nice and I've already listened to it for quite a thousand times and it's still so god ;; ~  For me it has a melancholic undertone which I really like. It somehow makes me cry and …

LBM 2014 #Day 2

Hello ~ ( ノ´ヮ´ )ノ*:・゚✧
I hope you are all able to enjoy the early days of 2014s spring ~  When I was young I didn't like spring (don't ask me way - I'm actually a child of summer haha) but with every year I grew older I love spring even more ♡
BUT - let me take you back to the middle of March when I spent a week in Leipzig ♡
On Friday I finally wore my Madoka Cosplay again - which I really like !

These are some selfies I took right before we left. 

Friday was pretty chilly. There wasn't so many people and everyone was happy to meet old an new friends after the long winter break.

My friend got a Rin ... I just got Makoto which I don't like at all 8'D So I sold it right after I opened my box ...

MORE Selfies ! ... and COLOSSAL TITAN ♡

I've met a very lovely Mami Cosplayer ♡ and I dared asking her for a few pictures with me. I'm not good at editing so ... Maybe I overdid it a tiny a little bit (???) I hope these pictures are okay for the moment ... 

Mami : Amala Co…