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Animal Crossing ♥ #4 POTATO [City-Life]

Hello Everyone ! 
As promised another post for today ★ So lots of things happened in Potato-Town during the past few weeks. December really is the best month in animal crossing so far. hehe

Happy Midwinter ! 

I really like Zell and Tom ♥ It's pretty hard to become friends with Tom ... he really is a grumpy cat 8''D

My fav. villager atm is Rudy. He has a sporty character which I actually don't like that much, but he and his room are so cute ♥

On Christmas I did a bad job in handing out the presents ... I think only one of my viallgers received the right gift ... uu;

I met Mimi in Mimi Town ! 

I also redesigned my home ★

Got the first BINGO ! 

Played hide and seek with the villagers... Rudy is so cute ... OTL ...

oh and I've switched to english ... ! 
Well I hope the snow will melt soon ... I'm really tired of the snowy winter weather in my town ... I'm so curious about the spring events ! I saw pictures on tumblr of towns covered in Cherry Blossoms ! 

Thank God - January is over ! [ 3 likes 14/01 ]

Hello, my dear Followers ★
I don't know what to say but I'm just so so  happy that this month is over and I'm finally able to enjoy some holidays. I'm just lazying around, play some Animal Crossing, watching the Olympics (go for gold Germany !) and started to buy some stuff for the upcoming cosplays. I hope I can use this blog for some more cosplay related topics in the future. hehe I'll try to post some progress pictures in the next few weeks. I know I still have to finish posting about my trip to japan and the one to beijing and italy aswell - so I would be happy if you would take your time and visit this place once in a while ♥
So, today I want to introduce a new category.  I just call it [ 3 likes ] where I wanna show you my 3 of current likes. 
1. Polkadots 
(pics were taken in October)
I'm just so obsessed with Polkadots. Bags, Bedsheets, Blouses, T-shirts, Dresses, Skirts, File Folders, Wash Bags, Table Cloth ... If I could I would cover everything with polka …