Thursday, February 13, 2014

Animal Crossing ♥ #4 POTATO [City-Life]

Hello Everyone ! 

As promised another post for today ★ So lots of things happened in Potato-Town during the past few weeks.
December really is the best month in animal crossing so far. hehe

Happy Midwinter ! 

I really like Zell and Tom ♥ It's pretty hard to become friends with Tom ... he really is a grumpy cat 8''D

My fav. villager atm is Rudy. He has a sporty character which I actually don't like that much, but he and his room are so cute 

On Christmas I did a bad job in handing out the presents ... I think only one of my viallgers received the right gift ... uu;

I met Mimi in Mimi Town ! 

I also redesigned my home 

Got the first BINGO ! 

Played hide and seek with the villagers... Rudy is so cute ... OTL ...

oh and I've switched to english ... ! 

Well I hope the snow will melt soon ... I'm really tired of the snowy winter weather in my town ... I'm so curious about the spring events ! I saw pictures on tumblr of towns covered in Cherry Blossoms ! 


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