Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kaname Madoka [鹿目 まどか] - Cosplay Progress

Good Evening Readers 

I wanted to post a collection of my progress pictures for a while now and I finally found some time to do so. I hope you find it a little bit interesting how I work on a costume. I never learned sewing properly and I'm still learning with every finished costume. In german we say : Pi x Daumen hahaha

But as the result turned out rather pretty I want to share these pictures with you. 

Madokas skirt all in all has 8 petals. Their size is defined by my hip measurement. 

I painted the petals with a soft sponge ... this is something which could have been better. Maybe it's better just too bleach the colour in the fabric, but I'm just a newbie to this kind of stuff ...

I love sewing Ribbons... I think these turned out pretty good 


On the right you can see 90% of the finished costume. I'll post new pictures with my new white skirt as soon as I've edited the ones we took on LBM Friday. As you can see my skirt wasn't able to handle my petticoat haha 


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