Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sheryl Nome [AP] - Cosplay Progress

Happy Sunday 

Today I want to show you my Sheryl Nome Progress 
Hm... actually I wanted to make her "Northern Cross" Stage Outfit for LBM, but than I decided that for the first Con of the year I have to sew something bigger haha

It's not that I have a deep connection or affection towards this design, I just thaught that it'll be fun to sew and so I started to buy stuff. Due to university I just had one full week for working on it and so it was a tiny little bit stressfull. Like waking up : 8 hours sewing, eat, sleep. haha. But I made it in Time and I'm satisfied with the outcome. I don't know when to wear it again - maybe for a shooting ~ ~ ~ 

I think it's the first cosplay where sewing was more fun than wearing haha 
Currently I'm thinking about selling the whole outfit.

I couldn't find any fabric with matching pattern, so I just painted all the stripes by myself 8'D

Something I hate the most while sewing is the huge mass it leaves behind ... *sigh

1. layer of the skirt

I really enjoyed sewing the skirt - I hope I'll be able to do something similar in the future 

"pseudo"- corsage is finished ! 

90% finished cosplay -

and me wearing it on LBM-Saturday 

picture was taken by : Mio Pastel Raindrops

If you are interested in how the original design looks like feel free to press the link below

See you soon !



  1. Gefällt mir viel viel mehr als das Kleid von AP ;w;
    Deine Schuhe sind auch super ;w;
    Darf man fragen von wo die sind?