Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March is over ! [ 3 likes 14/03 ]

Hello, my dear Followers 

March passed so fast this year ... It was a lovely month and I say that eventhough University started again ! Aiya ... But I finally reached my last semester so just a few months left. I really don't like to study anymore ...

1. Cosplay

... March was the month when my love for Cosplay hit me hard again 
Sorry not Sorry ~

2. Nendoroid

I guess I finally turned into a real Nerd. Haha But I'm pretty happy one I guess 8'D I really like Nendoroids~ 
You can combine them and it's so funny. Idk it's actually kind of stupid spending money for this kind of stuff, but it's just a way to express my love for a special fandom ... ( >///< ) ~ 

3. Clean Bandit - Rather Be

AND ... I FELT IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG ! Mostly I'm not so into Radio-Hits, but this one is so nice and I've already listened to it for quite a thousand times and it's still so god ;; ~ 
For me it has a melancholic undertone which I really like. It somehow makes me cry and thats why I love it so much ! I also really like the MV. (of course I like it - it was filmed in Japan haha)

Thats it for now 


Monday, April 7, 2014

LBM 2014 #Day 2

Hello ~ ( ノ´ヮ´ )ノ*:・゚✧

I hope you are all able to enjoy the early days of 2014s spring ~ 
When I was young I didn't like spring (don't ask me way - I'm actually a child of summer haha) but with every year I grew older I love spring even more 

BUT - let me take you back to the middle of March when I spent a week in Leipzig

On Friday I finally wore my Madoka Cosplay again - which I really like !

These are some selfies I took right before we left. 

Friday was pretty chilly. There wasn't so many people and everyone was happy to meet old an new friends after the long winter break.

My friend got a Rin ... I just got Makoto which I don't like at all 8'D So I sold it right after I opened my box ...

MORE Selfies ! ... and COLOSSAL TITAN 

I've met a very lovely Mami Cosplayer and I dared asking her for a few pictures with me. I'm not good at editing so ... Maybe I overdid it a tiny a little bit (???) I hope these pictures are okay for the moment ... 

Mami : Amala Cosplay Madoka : Me

Picture + Edit by : Another Rose 

I think Friday was the very best day of the Con. I felt very good in my costume, I had fun, the weather was pretty good and I got some very sweet compliments. I was also able to chitchat with nearly all of my friends. Every Convetions should start like that 

At home we played around with our new stuff... hahaha We laughed way too much about this stuff ... 8'D
Link ist just too serious ... hahaha