Tuesday, April 8, 2014

March is over ! [ 3 likes 14/03 ]

Hello, my dear Followers 

March passed so fast this year ... It was a lovely month and I say that eventhough University started again ! Aiya ... But I finally reached my last semester so just a few months left. I really don't like to study anymore ...

1. Cosplay

... March was the month when my love for Cosplay hit me hard again 
Sorry not Sorry ~

2. Nendoroid

I guess I finally turned into a real Nerd. Haha But I'm pretty happy one I guess 8'D I really like Nendoroids~ 
You can combine them and it's so funny. Idk it's actually kind of stupid spending money for this kind of stuff, but it's just a way to express my love for a special fandom ... ( >///< ) ~ 

3. Clean Bandit - Rather Be

AND ... I FELT IN LOVE WITH THIS SONG ! Mostly I'm not so into Radio-Hits, but this one is so nice and I've already listened to it for quite a thousand times and it's still so god ;; ~ 
For me it has a melancholic undertone which I really like. It somehow makes me cry and thats why I love it so much ! I also really like the MV. (of course I like it - it was filmed in Japan haha)

Thats it for now 


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