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Room Tour #2

Hello ♡
Does anyone of you remember this post : click ? It was a tour through my room. Now two years later I want to show you exactly the same room but with a slightly different theme ? haha Well, when I came back from my year abroad I had just the biggest luck you can imagine ! I was able to move back in my old flat and I could spent my last semesters with the best roomies you can think of ♡ ♡ ♡ 
Well this time I used my own furniture because the first time I lived there was just on behalf of a student which went abroad as well. She just let me live there for a year and let me also use her things for a while (bed, desk, cupboard) BUT this time I could change the room like I imagined it. It turned out pretty girly I guess haha. But all in all I loved it ! I think it was nothing I could live in with forever but for the time being it was the best and most comfy room I've ever had. Now half a month ago I moved back to my parents home. Only the Bachelor Thesis lies ahead of me and for th…