Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Room Tour #2


Does anyone of you remember this post : click ?
It was a tour through my room. Now two years later I want to show you exactly the same room but with a slightly different theme ? haha Well, when I came back from my year abroad I had just the biggest luck you can imagine ! I was able to move back in my old flat and I could spent my last semesters with the best roomies you can think of ♡ ♡ ♡ 

Well this time I used my own furniture because the first time I lived there was just on behalf of a student which went abroad as well. She just let me live there for a year and let me also use her things for a while (bed, desk, cupboard) BUT this time I could change the room like I imagined it. It turned out pretty girly I guess haha. But all in all I loved it ! I think it was nothing I could live in with forever but for the time being it was the best and most comfy room I've ever had. Now half a month ago I moved back to my parents home. Only the Bachelor Thesis lies ahead of me and for that purpose I don't want to pay rent for a room ( U w U ) ~  Maybe I'll post some pictures of my new/old room later on. It also turned out pretty nicely which wasn't that easy to achieve because my room here is in the attic of our house, but first let's look at my old room. 

Yeah ... that's totally the room of a twenty-something year old lol 

I bought the 5x5 Expedit Shelf from the student who lived there before so it stayed at the same place.

I don't have a boyfriend and so a small bed is good enough for me hehe. I think a smaller one also fits better into the room. When I had guests around it was more like a couch. They could sit on it and where not lying in there like before Orz ... I've actually spent lots of time sitting in front of that Ikea table. Most of my University projects were finished there. I used my desk for sewing only haha

My small desk and with sewing machine and my new cupboard... Ikea of course ! 

... and that's it ! Which one do you like more ? I think it's interesting how small things like a different color on the wall can change the whole atmosphere of a room 

See you soon 

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