Sunday, October 5, 2014

Max Factory - アリテイメトまどか - Figma

Good Evening 

I know I know ... I said that I won't buy anymore Figmas, Nendoroids or other stupid stuff ... but ... Orz ... I don't know why I can't stop myself from buying these lovely things. To be honest I wanted this Ultimate Madoka Figma for quite a long time and I'm totally happy with it ♡ hihi

I took a few pictures of it before I put it into my showcase 8'D

Here you go :

I don't really like her soft smiling face so I switched to the more serious one ~

I got a small Godzilla from a friend which I directly used :

Long ago I've seen a similar picture on tumblr which I really liked !
I was so happy to make my own version haha 

"Damn you Godzilla stop hurting my friends!" >D

This his where she is right now 

Take Care - Annie ~

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