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Shironuri ★ Streetfashion in Düsseldorf

Hello ♡

First of all : Happy 2015 to all of you ! I haven't forgotten about this Blog and as a New Year's Resolution I want to post more about my Hobby and my life in general. I hope you keep on reading the stuff I write. ٩(˙▿˙)۶

Well a friend of mine asked us if we know anyone who is more into J-fashion, because she needed a few models for a university project. As you might know I try to keep myself informed about the stuff happening in Harajuku. Back in 2007/08 I also liked to dress in Decora style. (click here for some pictures haha) I wasn't that advanced because being a cosplayer + dressing in that particular style was way too expansive for a student so I decided to focus more on cosplay.

So me and Sakimake decided to do the model job by ourselves. First I wanted to go for Mori Girl only, but than I ended up in Shironuri Style. It's a very interesting style because you're free to do anything you want you just have to paint your face plain white. If you don'…