Monday, April 13, 2015

Sumikko Gurashi - My new Love ♡

Hello Everyone 
If yo follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook you've might knows this already but I safely returned home from my trip to Munich and Animuc. It really was a nice experience to visit a Convention by plane and kept you away from taking unnecessary stuff with you. I feel like I'm the queen of taking too much stuff with me haha I'll write a post later on about our adventures in the far south ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ 

But first I want to share some lovely things I bought at Animuc. Waaaaah San-X got me again ! After Sentimental Circus where I loved Rio the lion and Moton the elephant I now love these lovely chubby animals ♡
At Animuc they got something like a little Lottery where you could win Sumikko Gurashi Merch. 

This is all the stuff I got ! 

I won these cups in the Lottery 

They look so cute together  o͡͡͡͡͡͡╮꒰♡∇♡*꒱╭o͡͡͡͡͡͡

I also bought this cute little thingie. 

This was the last thing I bought its Neko the cat with it's feeding dish where you can store stuff. I still don't know what to put in there but I'll find something soon enough haha

ohhhh ! 

I hope you liked this small post - see you soon with reports about the latest Conventions -


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Terra Branford - Sakizou - Cosplay Progress


Well first of all Happy Easter ! Some time has passed since my last post and during this time I was thinking again to finally retire from blogging and put this Blog on Hiatus. ... but I just cannot do so ;; This blog is now 5 years old and idk it really is somehow like a diary, though I didn't post that often in the last year.
I hope to change that from now on. ( I know I say that all the time ) But I want this blog to be my personal space on the internet where I can decide what to post - about my hobbies (not just Cosplay) Traveling or Lifestyle ! I hope that I'll be able to go to China soon again, so I'll use this Blog for that purpose again I think.

But lets stay at the topic ! In this post I want to share all the progress pictures of my new Terra Cosplay. I know I posted them already on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but it's just nice to have a collection of all the pictures together. (~˘▾˘)~

Sooooo lets get started ! 

This is what I've imagined it to look like in the end 

I had so much fun to collect pearls and other shiny stuff months before I started to actually work on the Cosplay. I didn't use everything so the Cosplay could have been much cheaper in the end : / 

Finding a proper wig was pretty hard so I just went for this green character wig. It was my first time curling a wig so I was quite excited what the outcome will be ! 

I have to say I'm quite satisfied with it 

Than I started with the embroidery ! 

It was sooo time consuming ! Spent over 13 hours or something for every sleeve Orz ... 

After finishing both sleeves my back started to burt very badly and so I started to work on the sword.

I still have to learn a lot when it comes to props.  > <"

With new Energy I started with the dress ! 

First I wanted to stay to the design where the outlines of the roses seemed pretty dark, but it didn't look so nicely all together so I went for golden pearls as well. 


Than I made the shoulder parts which were quite fun to make. 

Some more bling bling for the top of the dress hehe

I finished the cape in one day 
uff ! It's nearly done 

Make Up Preview 

aaaaaand - here it is the finished costume  (▰˘◡˘▰) 

This is an overview from the Cosplaner App. I started buying stuff in November and actually started to work on the costume in late January. This Cosplay was a Full-time Job ! But I'm happy I did it !