Back from hiatus ♡

Hello Everyone 

Loooooong time no see ! Wow ! It's been ages ! Can't believe I nearly completely forgot about my Blog ... I actually intended to quit but than so many lovely things happened which seemed to get lost in the depths of my timelines... so I decided to keep that little place as my somewhat private hideaway on the internet where I can collect everything and list all of my memories hehe 

Yeah you might think why don't you writing a diary then ? Well ... Blogging is still fun and I like to attach pictures and music to my posts ... and I just like to share memories haha Well what happened in the last ... 1 1/2 years ? Hm... not much though I'm still trying to find my way and the person I want to be. I'm 26 now and pretty often I feel too old and too young at the same time which is quite exhausting. In addition concerning me as a business woman - which I aspired to be for a long time I somehow reached a dead end I cannot overcome easily. Luckily I finally found my 2nd half ♡ Took me quite a while, right ? haha He is a lovely guy and really special - but in a good way. haha I've never imagined me having a relationship with a guy like him, but love has it's own rules. It's still weird to me thinking of me as a "girlfriend" or identify us as a "couple" but thats changing slowly. Sadly it's a long-distance relationship and so I cannot see him whenever I want ... BUT big big news - we decided to move together and also found a lovely flat. We just have to come to an agreement with the landlord. So fingers crossed that everything will work out as planned. I'm really looking forward to my first flat and spending everyday with him ✾꒡ .̮ ꒡✾ 

So what kind of posts are you going to expect from me ? First I want to write about gamescom where I was an ambassador for Final Fantasy XIV ! A game which became an important part of my life especially because I got close with my boyfriend while playing the game. (It seems like the game is more like a dating platform. It really connects people haha) I also want to write about my experience of the FotoCon by Techland in Poland and upcoming shootings cosplay and maybe my time in the USA. Yes ! My uncle moved to California and so I was able to visit him and his family twice since my last post. I've never thought I would like the U.S. that much ! You really get influenced by media ... oh of course I'll write about our flat as well ! I've gathered so many ideas on my pinterest account ! Oh - I love pinterest though ! You'll find my account in the About section. So uhh... I'm still unsure if I want to continue writing in english or change it back to german. I think my english is okayish in a way everyone will get my point but far away from being grammatically correct... it embarrasses me a little bit and thats why quitting is still an option but on the other hand it's a good way to practice. Only reading subtitles won't improve my skills. So pls. don't judge me _(┐「ε:)_ 

Ah ! I think we reached the end of the post. Thanks for still reading my blog and following me around. I hope you're doing fine as well ? haha Have a nice day and see you in the next post ♡ 



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