Sunday, October 22, 2017

☆ VLOG ☆ Follow me around at my 10th Connichi ♡

Hello ♡

With this I want to share my tiny little impression from this years Connichi ! Aaaah ! It was my 10th Connichi already ! Can't believe I only missed ONE since 2007 💦 The Connichi was my first Convention and so it has a special place in my heart. The video is sadly german only and with no SUBs... 

These were the costumes I was wearing !

FR: Terra Branford - Final Fantasy 6
SAT: Princess Sarah - Final Fantasy 1
SUN: Sailor Moon - Sailor Moon 

The weather could have been better but I had a nice and chilly Con. I also could watch the WCS preliminaries for the very first time in my live and I really enjoyed most of the performances ! It was also so nice to finally  spent time with my best friend again. It's so hard to stay close if you live so far away from each other  💔

I hope you enjoyed my small little VLOG. If you want to see more I recommend this POST where I show all pages of my new Convention Scrapbook 

Thanks a lot for reading ♡ 
Bye Bye and Take Care !

Saturday, September 30, 2017

☆ Cosplay Progress ☆ Terra Branford - Amano

Hello Followers 

While I'm updating all the missing cosplays in my list since 2010 I try to post some more recent stuff from time to time. This time I want to share all the progress pictures I took of my newest Terra costume ! I really adore Amano's painting style and I wanted to capture it with this costume. I'm pretty satisfied with the finished costume - the only thing that annoys me is the poorly sewn dress... I have to remade it during the winter break... I should totally invest more time in sewing in general... I getting better and better in crafting and than I leave the sewing work for the end of the costume making process and due to the lack of time the results are always pretty bad... #sigh

WIP of the sleeves 

I'm so in love with the cape 

The belt is so much richer in detail than my previews ones ! 

Both costumes next to each other. I think 2017 is a huge improvement ! 

Me wearing the costume for the first time at FotoCon by Techland ☆

... and the first edited picture 

pic by: Gemini

Bye Bye,  Annie

☆ COSTUME ☆ Hotarumaru - Touken Ranbu

Character: Hotarumaru
Fandom Touken Ranbu
Made: June 2015
WornDokomi (2015) AnimeCon (2015) Connichi (2015)
Costs: ca. 150€
Status: not for sale
Again: no

pic by: Tjuk Man

►►► Comment:
I am no big fan of crossplay, but when all of my friends started to hype about Touken Ranbu I wanted to be part of this and decided to go with this boy. It was pretty easy to make and I'm pretty surprised how well I can still pull of little boys haha Sadly we couldn't manage to take proper pictures together as a group though I was wearing the costume 3 times ...  

pic by: Tjuk Man

pic by: Tjuk Man


pic by: Midgard

pic by: Midgard

pic by: Midgard

Friday, September 29, 2017


Hello again ♡

I should BLOG as long as I have energy and time left ! So prepare yourself for many posts ! There are so many things I have to update on here... *sigh*.
But first of all something new ! You all know the scrapbooking trend - looking back at the times where I used to write diary on a daily basis I started this hobby back in 2002. *done it before it was cool...* lol -- no no thats not my point - with this I just want to show that I actually really enjoy doing something like this. Collecting memories in a way which isn't digital only. As I'm getting older and the social media platforms change it's nice to have something constant and for forever. We actually did something similar back in the day - the so called 'CONHON' ... a book where you let your friends leave little drawings and tiny messages, so you would be able to find them online when you return home after a convention. This trend is more or less dead - at least in the cosplay scene. It's kinda sad, but no-one got time for this and we actually can find each other more efficiently when using COSCARDS or adding each other directly at a Con on Social Media. 
So I think back in June or July - one of my friends mentioned that she would like to revive the CONHON trend with polaroids and I couldn't get rid of this brilliant idea. So I bought some stuff at amazon and decided to make a wild mixture of the dead ConHon trend and the scrapbooking hype !

I had the impression that my idea has been pretty well received at Connichi - so I'm confident that more people might start doing this ♡ Keeping this book all for oneself in our digital era would be a total waste so I'll try to photograph and share every page of my Con-Scrapbook on here. 
So lets get started with Connichi 2017 ▶︎▶︎▶︎


First page of Connichi 2017 💫

I didn't had my camera with me so I couldn't take any pictures on Friday. 💦

Close up ♡

I wore my new Costume 'Princess Sarah' from Final Fantasy 1 on Saturday !
Milu & Gina looked so lovely in their Sakura costumes 💖

Close up ♡

This was drawn by the magical (@)Sakimake (Twitter) 🌸 All of our friends as cats ! 

On this page I collected some CosCards I got ♡ Seems like the trend is fading as well ? I asked so many friends for a coscard and most of them answered: Oh didn't take them with me or Oh I have to finally reprint them... I'D

I failed when I took a selfie of Senta and me ... but luckily we remembered the Hiragana Face 💦

super lovey dove page just for my boyfriend ❤️

Nechan made the drawing as well as all the hearts on this 🙈❤️
Patrick also wore a cosplay on Saturday ! 

Girl Power page ! 💫 Thanks a lot again to Acorea (Snow White) ! She gave me another film for my polaroid 📷.

Close up ♡

Close up ♡

Back inside I met my friends from ikimasho ! 

Close up ♡

This page was designed by Nechan ! (sakimake)💫
Edo was so cute and Mari & Sarah were so pretty ❤️ (and hot 💦)

Close up ♡

Close up ♡

Next up is Sunday ! For Love and Justice - In the name of the Moon ✨❤️

I cosplayed together with my boyfriend and Nina ❤️

Close up ♡

Close up ♡

Close up ♡

... and the last page ! Ah thanks again to all of you who made this Connichi so lovely and of course who helped to fill this book ! 

Bye Bye and see you at MMC in Berlin ❤️


☆ VLOG ☆ Follow me around at FOTOCON by Techland ♡

Hello ♡

So I finally managed to upload all of the FotoCon VlOGS... uff. So much Material but I think it was good to split it into three videos. I know only Friday comes with english subs, but I try to add them via Youtube as soon as I can.

I think the last one is the best - but still I have to find my own blogging style. 💦


It is my birthday ! Ah it was such a stressful day ! I had like the biggest dispute ever with my BF. We haven't screamed at each over ever before that x__x" I was sooo annoyed and stressed out by him... but we wouldn't be together if we wouldn't be able to overcome these obstacles 💦 All in all I had a lovely birthday at FotoCon though it didn't really felt like my special day... but I got so my many congratulation, we ate so much cake and I got the most beautiful Artbook ever ! Thank You so much Patrick 💖💖💖


On Saturday I could finally wear my new Terra Costume ! I think it's my favorite Terra costume I made till now. I try to write a "Work in Progress" master post of this one. Sadly the fabric I used for the dress is the WORST so I think I'll redo the sewing part 💦 (I'll just cut to the embroidery and glue it on to the new dress 🙈) Other than that I'm quite happy with the outcome ! It is so dreamy and Amano'ish I just LOVE it ! I also managed to attend all of my planned shootings ! I really had lots of fun and I'm so looking forward to the pictures we took ! Sadly I've received only one picture yet but it's a very beautiful one, so I can live with that haha


Drama much on Sunday ! The day started pretty normal. My first shooting was at 10:30 am so I had LOTS of time in the morning. After that I throw a small tantrum because I didn't know that I wasn't allowed to hike up to the castle with my brought shoes. Luckily Loan lent me her's and so I could attend my first shooting. The pictures turned out awesome ! I'm so excited ! After that the #LostCrown arc started... it was an adventured. I think I tried over an hour to get it back haha If you want to know how it ended, feel free to watch ! It truly was one of the most fun and ridiculous convention moments ever ! 

Thanks a lot for watching 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

☆ COSTUME ☆ Sakura Hoshido - Fire Emblem Fates

Character: Sakura Hoshido
Fandom Fire Emblem Fates
Made: August 2016
WornFotocon (2016) by Techland + Dokomi (2017)
Costs: ca. 110€
Status: damaged - not for sale
Again: no

pic by: Nevi

►►► Comment:
I knew that I had to cosplay from this game when I saw it in stores. First I couldn't decide between Hana and Sakura but Friends suggested that I would be perfect for Sakura and so I decided to debut her at FotoCon 2016. It turned out okayish I think. My friends were right - I do look like her but I didn't had enough time working on the costume and so many party turned out pretty bad. I think the shoes are the worst and I made them TWICE ! It's also made of many parts and layers which makes it pretty uncomfortable to wear. At the end I only got 1 picture from FotoCon which made me pretty sad - though we had LOTS fun wearing it together. 
I wore it again at Dokomi 2017 and I finally got some pictures taken ! Nevi did such a lovely job that I came to like this costume again. Thanks a lot ♡ 


pics by: Nevi