Wednesday, March 29, 2017

☆ COSTUME ☆ Lenna Charlotte Tycoon - Final Fantasy V

Character: Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
Fandom: Final Fantasy V
Made: July 2016
Worn: Animagic 2016 - Fotocon (2016) by Techland
Costs: ca. 60€
Status: intact - not for sale
Again: -



►►► Comment:
Final Fantasy V is one of the most forgotten games of the franchise. Sadly. It really has a lovely story and nice characters with many different outfits. Making a Lenna Cosplay came into my mind after playing Final Fantasy Theathrhythm wear she wears a mixture of her ingame and amano design which differ a lot ! I wanted to go for a mixture of her ingame and Theathrhrythm (what a word ?!?!) design. I just love the 90s vibe of her outfit but wanted to upgrade it with some sparkling pearls and stars.
I really like the costume and I'll definitely wear it again ! (I need more pictures)


pic by: BlueHurricane (mobile phone)


to be continued...

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