Wednesday, March 29, 2017

☆ COSTUME ☆ Madoka Kaname - Puella Magi Madoka Magika

Character: Madoka Kaname

FandomPuella Magi Madoka Magika
Made: Sep 2013
Worn: Connichi 2013 - LBM/MCC 2014 - Animagic 2014 - Shooting 2016
Costs: - 
Status: intact - not for sale
Again: -


pic by: BlueHurricane

pic via: Comic Vine

►►► Comment:
Madoka... I ... I have so many feels for this anime, the character and of course the costume. One of my all time favorite costumes. It marks an important phase in my life and makes me remember one of my most precious moments in my life. I watched the anime for the first time when I was in Shanghai back in June 2013 and since than it's the series I watch when I'm sad, happy, bored or while cosworking. It is to me what Star Wars is to Tedd Mosby actually haha 
The funny thing is that Madoka isn't even my favorite character. I actually like Miki the most. She is the most relatable one I think. Madoka on the other hand represents my love for the franchise as a whole and so I had to cosplay just her ! I also have the impression that in a group of friends I would be the Madoka not because of friendliness it's more her background and that she actually doesn't have a reason to fight... haha it's no coincidence that my flat is full of Madoka figures 
But back to the costume ! It was pretty easy to made and was the first costume I worked on after my year abroad. My intention was to quit in 2013 but when I came back I just had way too much fun and now thanks to this costume I'm more into cosplay than ever before. 
I bought the shoes, the wig and the soul gem via Taobao when I was in china haha

As happy I was about the costume as unlucky I was with the pictures. I didn't get any pictures I liked when I first wore it, 2nd time I only get a few okayish ones and zero pictures the 3rd time wearing it. Nearly 3 years after finishing the costume I had a shooting last year in march with my boyfriend and we took the most lovely pictures I could have ever imagined ! Sadly my boyfriend is the SLOWEST person on earth and so I've only received 3 pictures after one year of constantly reminding him to edit them ... q__q 

Making of: click

LBM/MCC 2014:

pic by: Another Rose

Mami Tomoe: Amala

pic by: Resa - edit: Me

Mami Tomoe: Amala

Shooting 2016

pic by: Blue Hurricane

to be continued...

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