Tuesday, March 28, 2017

☆ COSTUME ☆ Princess Kakyuu - Sailor Moon

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►►► Hiermit beginne ich nun endlich einen lang gehegten Wunsch und zwar - Meine Cosplays auf diesem Blog zu archivieren. Dies soll nun auch die einfachste Möglichkeit für euch sein, alle meine Kostüme zu betrachten. Ich hoffe die Idee gefällt euch ! Den Anfang macht meine Prinzessin Kakyuu aus Sailor Moon ! 

Character: Princess Kakyuu

Fandom 美少女戰士 Sailor Moon
Made: Sep.2016
Worn: Connichi 2016 - LBM/MCC 2016
Costs: - 
Status: intact - not for sale
Again: yes - no plans yet



►►► Comment:
Well I always loved the princess of the Three Lights. Their search for her is so lonely and sad and when we finally get to see her in the Anime she is just the loveliest character ever. She is so caring and brave yet pretty fragile. I remember that I loved her appearance from the first sight ! I actually never cosplayed her before because the wig seemed to be pretty tricky and so I forgot about her. 
Than in 2015 I gathered all the material but I put it aside for over a year. Than in late August 2016 when I realized that I couldn't finish my Yuna cosplay in time for upcoming Connichi I quickly decided to go with Kakyuu instead. I started preparing the costume on Monday before the Con so the sewing work is rather sloppy. Concerning the dress I went with the Animes design which has yellow sleeves instead of orange. I also wanted to add some little details but they didn't turn out as I expected and sadly look pretty off. Luckily you can't really see them on pictures. Jewelry and wig wise I went for a more free interpretation and added chiffon flowers and lace. I think the wig + hat are the best parts of the costume. 
I have to admit that Kakyuu really is not my best costume and I'm kinda ashamed that it isn't very neat if you look closely but I learned a lot while working on the wig and I feel pretty wearing it so in conclusion I'm satisfied with the overall costume. 


pic by: BlueHurricane

LBM 2017:

pic by: acorea

pic by: Sayu

Sailor Galaxia: Haizaki

pic by: Nostrum Cosplay

Sailor Galaxia: Haikai / Sailor Cosmos: Shivachichi

to be continued....

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