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☆ COSTUME ☆ Princess Aurora 03 - Child of Light

Character: Princess Aurora
Fandom:  Child of Light
Made: July 2016
WornFotocon (2016) by Techland
Costs: ca. 80€
Status: intact - not for sale
Again: shooting with all 3 versions with Kazenary

pic by: Kazenary

pic via: Pinterest

►►► Comment: My 3rd Aurora Cosplay and finally her final form. First time with the sword ! I'm no fan of my sword and it have to repaint some parts and also the crown didn't came out as wanted. Transpa Art is a tricky material ! The handling is not as easy as with the normal Worbla D: 
I also wanted the whole costume to have more details but sadly I didn't had the time and so it's a little boring ... luckily the photographers at Fotocon are all very capable and so I received many lovely pictures ! At least I managed to portray her a little more grown up. haha

pic by: Eva Hlavaty

pic by: Eva Hlavaty

pic by: Eva Hlavaty

pic by: Eva Hlavata